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Because seniors accumulate a lot of wealth in the form of personal property it can require the services of one of these professionals to handle it. Use ESPM to find members for Your Senior Team.

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    Estate Sales
    Receive cash for your expendable valuables.
  • transport
    Experts in knowing what is worth offering in the market.
  • commerce
    Quick cash for a lot of stuff that have less value than worth.
  • movers
    Garage Sellers
    When every dollar counts, and you need help.
  • garage
    Giving away your stuff with a tax benefit.
  • organizer
    Moving or not when it’s time to bring order to your life.
  • packers
    Curators for the many things you take with you.
  • movers
    Taking your long life of things to their next home .

The ESPM Finder

Find professionals and the services to evaluate the value and demand for your personal property, get it sold, packed, and moved.

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    Heirlooms and Memories

    Consider and remove the items for your heirs, family, and friends.

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    Value Items to Sell

    Not everything can be sold but anything with value should be considered for Auction or an Estate Sale.

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    Desirable Items

    Items like collectibles, crystal glasses, China, silver, antiques, gems, artwork should be assessed by an Estate Sale professional for sale.

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    The Average Stuff

    Though value is in the eye of the beholder, the market is blind. Anything manufactured in abundance has little value beyond its use and can be offered to charities, aggregators, and garage sales.

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    Your Keepers

    Downsizing and packing for your next home is a freeing experience that literally makes you lighter and more mobile. Find a packer and mover to complete your exodus.

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    Stuff No One Wants

    Unfortunately, there is so much stuff in the world that certain items need to be moved to its demise, or recycled. Packers and movers can get this done.

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I had so much stuff I kept putting off the inevitable, and then I fell and had to move. I was so lucky to be able to find a relocation manager, a packing company, and a mover. Together they helped me move to an assisted living community.

Vivian Benson
Mission Hills, CA

My mother gave me three paintings when I was young. I kept them all these years, and when I needed money, I was able to find an auction house that was able to value them. The three gave me enough to pay off my taxes and open a retirement annuity.

Betsy Dempsey
Orange County, CA

I couldn’t walk up the stairs anymore, and things kept breaking that I couldn’t afford to fix. I knew it was time for me to move. I found a company I vetted that managed everything from start to finish, including selling my stamp and baseball card collections, hired packers, and a mover. They even referred a Senior Real Estate Specialist who sold my house and found me, a one-story place.

Fred Walters
North Hollywood, CA